Monday, January 11, 2010

Becky's 1st Swim

Jan 9th, 2010:  This is the first time that we brought Becky swimming - in a float of course!  From the photos below, you can see the many expressions and of course not forgetting her elder sister, Abby who is a 'dynamite' in the pool.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Becky's 1st Birthday

Dec 13, 2009: Today we celebrated Becky's 1st Birthday. She turned one on 18th December 2009.

Enjoy the photos!

"Boh Boh" with her nieces

Look at my new walking shoes ... they squeak!

One happy family

All the good food :) Btw, the fried chicken was marinated & fried by Mike ... delicious!

Ah Kong & Ah Ma giving "ang pow"

Monday, April 6, 2009

Becky is coming to 16 weeks

Apr 6: Wow! Time surely fly past extremely fast. This week will be Becky's 16th week. Over the months, she has now learnt how to coo, smile and even laugh at our funny faces and sounds. More interestingly, she gets very excited when she's able to grab the handkerchief when dangled in front of her.

Here are some photos gathered for the past weeks that we have not updated our blog.

Smiling Becky

Mummy & Becky

Cheh-Cheh at play with Mei-Mei

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Becky now 62 days old

Feb 18: Yesterday, Becky officially turns 62 days old ... well about 2 months. Just love those puffy cheeks and big eyes :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abby loving the piano at Age 3

Feb 17: This video was taken when Abby was 3 years old (2007). Quite marvellous that she knows how to count. I'm not sure who thought her ... hmmmm ...

Btw, she only started going for serious piano lessons Jan this year.

Becky's Hiccup

Feb 17: This video was taken from my phone when Becky was about 1-2 weeks old.

The 3 babies ... Mummy, Abby & Becky

Feb 17: Here's something interesting - putting 3 babies together and see whether there are any resemblance between mother & daughters ... enjoy!

Baby Eunice ... not sure how many months was I when this pic was taken

Baby Eunice - must be around 6 months

Baby Abigail - at 6 months

Baby Abigail - at birth

Baby Rebecca - at 1.5 weeks

Baby Rebecca - at birth